Equipping and Mobilising

The Lord has given us a new assignment to Equip and Mobilise His people to rise up and be agents of transformation. We will be partnering with Tim Lunnon, from Restoration Centre International, as well as others and running conferences with teaching sessions and equipping through workshops and supernatural activation. We will be travelling to various locations in Australia and the nations of the South Pacific. If you would like us to come to your location, please contact us.

Frankston, Australia ministry February 2019

I was excited to return to Frankston for ministry as I believe Frankston is one of the locations of the spiritual wells the Lord is opening in the nation. Over the weekend I ran a prophetic intercession workshop, released a prophetic word to the church and ministered to the people. It was also a privilege to speak and minister to a group of pastors in the city. The Lord also had me complete a prophetic intercession assignment when I was there. I look forward to all the Lord will do in the region.

Bundaberg, Australia ministry January 2019

I was honoured to minister in Bundaberg over the Australia Day weekend and over this time I ran a prophetic workshop, released a prophetic word to the church, ministered at the youth event and also completed an intercession assignment for the nation with the intercessor group. It was a powerful time and the Lord is advancing His plans and purposes in the region.

Bundaberg, Australia ministry November 2018

We were excited to minister with others and be part of the Kingdom Transformation event in Bundaberg. Transformation is God's desire for the nation. It is always an honour to be where God is moving and this has been evident in Bundaberg. The people of God were hungry and expectant and there is alignment with His timing. Over the few days we ran a prophetic intercession workshop, released a prophetic word for the region, preached on the seasons of God and ministered to the people.  .

Frankston, Melbourne Australia Ministry

I was honoured to minister in Frankston in Melbourne, Australia where I released the word and vision the Lord has given me for the nations of the South Lands of the Holy Spirit as well as a word for Australia and also Frankston. Frankston is one of the spiritual wells the Lord is opening in the nation of Australia and they are called to be a hub of harvest and transformation. The Lord also had me share on how to partner with God's plan. I ministered to individuals through giving personal prophetic words. It was wonderful to see the Lord impact people. The Lord is lighting the seeds of intercession that have been sown in the region.

Bundaberg, Australia Ministry June 2018

I was honoured to minister in Bundaberg and release a word for the region and the nation. The Lord is opening spiritual wells across the nation of Australia and Bundaberg is one of the locations of these wells. The Lord is calling His people in Bundaberg to intercede for their region. Bundaberg will be a hub of harvest and transformation where people are sent out to transform their region with the power and love of God and the glory of God will be seen there. I also completed some intercession in the region including pulling down strongholds and calling forth God's plan for the region. It was such an honour to partner with them and I'm excited for what the Lord has begun in the region and expectant for what the Lord has planned. I also ministered to individuals and released many individual prophetic words.

Samoa Ministry Trip April 2018

Samoa is one of the South Lands of the Holy Spirit and we brought the Lord's message and vision for this region of the earth as well as for the nation of Samoa. There is a spiritual inheritance in the nation that is ready to be claimed and we were privileged to partner with the people of Samoa to see them rise up and take hold of their inheritance. We called the people to intercede for their nation and to call forth God's will and destiny of the nation. Many responded to take up the call to intercede for the nation. We ministered in churches and ministered in the gifts of the Spirit. We had many words of knowledge for healing and we saw many healed including people being healed of chest pain, deafness, ulcers, diabetes, depression etc. We also gave prophetic words to many people and spoke forth their divine destiny. We released an invitation to the people to be agents of transformation in their sphere of influence and nearly every person took up this invitation to be used by the Lord. We completed two days of intercession around the two main islands of Samoa which was a powerful time. We claimed the nation for Jesus and interceded at key locations the Lord highlighted to us around the nation. We brought down principalities over the land that the Lord showed us and we called forth a stirring of the waters around the nation and we prayed for the wind of the Spirit to blow over the nation. We called forth the destiny and inheritance of the nation and we decreed a new beginning over the nation. We also called forth a new sound that will be released from Samoa which will carry much authority in the spirit. We were honoured to meet with the Head of State in Samoa and his wife and deliver the word the Lord has given us for the nations of the South Lands of the Holy Spirit and God's plan to transform Samoa. We excited and expectant for all the Lord has planned for the nation of Samoa.


We ministered in western Kenya, northern Tanzania and completed an intercession assignment at the Uganda/Congo border. The Lord had various assignments for us on this trip at each of the locations we traveled to, along with some assignments that we were unaware of until we reached a location.

We started at Busia in Kenya and did some teaching for church leaders as well as the local church community. Our primary reason for being at Busia was to release the fire, which we did at an evening crusade at the Polytechnic ground in Busia. This was a powerful moment. The Lord had shown us that Busia would be the place from which the fire would start and spread over Kenya from west to east, Busia to Mombasa. The fire will also move through Tanzania in the reverse direction, from the east to the west, from Zanzibar to the west into Rwanda and then into the Congo.

From Busia we traveled to Kisumu where we spoke to pastors and at a youth camp for two days. Again we found the youth to be hungry for things of the Spirit and God moved in a mighty way including numerous healings and spiritual encounters for the youth. While we were staying at Kisumu the Spirit lead us to a park in the centre of town to pray and prepare the ground for what God is about to do. This was also powerful and one of our African leaders heard the audible voice of God during this prayer time. We also saw many angels present at the park as we prayed.

After Kisumu we traveled to Homa Bay to visit and encourage a Christian brother. We found the town to be under a clould of darkness and again the Spirit lead us to a park overlooking Lake Victoria to intercede for Homa Bay. We brought down two spiritual principalities over the town and region and are now preparing to send our African Leaders back to the town to carry out evangelistic meetings. There will be light that comes to Homa Bay and the darkness is going to recede!

From Homa Bay we traveled south to the Tanzanian border and after some delays we eventually made it across the border to a church meeting in Sirare Tanzania. Again the Lord touched the people in many ways and we saw healing angels deal with the majority of the people who asked for healing, which was a blessing as we had little time before we had to return to Kenya in the evening. The Lord had told us before traveling to Africa that our primary assignment for Tanzania was to meet a man at the meeting who would be aligned with our ministry. Our East African leader who traveled with us was also shown the man's face prior to the meeting and so we had confidence in the man we connected with. We were able to pray for him before leaving.

The final part of our East African assignment for this trip was to unlock the Congo. We flew to Arua in north western Uganda to achieve this. There were three border crossings in the Arua region and so we relied on the Spirit to lead us to the right one. We prayed at this border and saw in the Spirit that when the fire crosses from Rwanda to the Congo, there will be such momentum and it will rapidly spread across the 'green heart of Africa'.


This trip was much different to any that we have made previously. We came across a level of opposition that we have not previously seen, to the point that seemed ridiculous at times. But we remained obedient and completed all of the tasks the Lord asked us to do. We know that significant preparations were made for the coming move of God's Spirit that is going to impact East Africa and beyond. What a privilege it is to be involved in His work and to see Him overcome the schemes of the enemy!


Our ministry was invited to minister in Southern India. We ministered in two locations. At the first location we ran a conference for three days including sessions specifically for women, youth and also children. We also ran healing and miracle crusades. During our time we saw hundreds healed and hundreds give their lives to Christ. We also saw a spiritual shift in the region as we claimed the region for Jesus. We commissioned an intercessory prayer group the Holy Spirit highlighted to us that will be praying to bring down strongholds and bring a move of God to the nation  to bring transformation. At the second location we ran a youth conference where 1000 youth attended. over 150 youth gave their lives to Christ. We released a prophetic word the Lord had given us for the nation of India and we released a call to action for the youth to rise up and be used by God to impact their nation. Many were also healed and touched by the Spirit of God. We also ministered in a number of churches and we saw God move powerfully with many healed and delivered. We released words of knowledge and prophetic words to many people and we also saw many give their lives to Christ. Again we were able to see significant spiritual shifts in the locations where we ministered as Holy Spirit led us to take action at certain times to break open the region for the gospel. We saw God impact so many lives and we took ground for His kingdom. God is preparing the way to do something major in India and it is our privilege to be vessels for His Spirit in these plans.


Bring the Fire Ministries trip to Southern India

God sent us to Southern India for three weeks to take a message of revival to the church. We ministered at various churches, pastor's conferences, villages and ran some feeding programs for the poor.

It was a powerful time and we saw hundreds of healings, salvations with so many amazing testimonies. We saw nearly 100% healing for those who received prayer for almost every possible physical ailment. There were some spectacular examples of God's work including a woman who had been in an accident three years earlier. Her left leg had been turned around 180 deg in the hip socket and her right leg (femur) was fractured in multiple places. As such she had been mostly confined to her bed for the years since the accident. This meant that she was unable to work and she was a burden for her family. During prayer the bones in her right leg moved into alignment and came together, and her left leg was also supernaturally realigned. She was able to walk again without assistance and without pain. Another example was a man who suffered from paralysis in his left arm for some time and as a result his arm and hand had shrivelled. After prayer he stretched out his arm and regained movement of both his arm and hand, much to his amazement.

Many of those who received healing were Hindu people who experienced the power of the gospel of Jesus for the first time. A young girl was brought for prayer wearing thick glasses and after prayer she could see perfectly without the glasses. Another toddler had legs that were misaligned since birth meaning she had not learnt to walk and during prayer her legs visibly realigned. I could go on as there were so many amazing testimonies of the healing power of God. In one particular church meeting the glory of God was tangible and many were healed in the glory without the laying on of hands.

As well as healings and salvations, there were many deliverances. We spoke at a Sri Lankan refugee camp and a woman came for deliverance prayer. The Holy Spirit told us that she had a legion of demons and other people said that most nights at around midnight she would leave her house/shelter and run screaming down the road. It took half an hour for all of the demons to come out but she was eventually set free by the name of Jesus.


Check out Bring the Fire Facebook page for more details of the locations and ministry events that we attended.

During our time in India we mostly travelled to the low socio-economic regions and ministered to the poor. Our purpose was to spark the fire of God for the nation for which God has shown us there is a move of His Spirit coming. We taught and imparted the Holy Spirit to many within the church in Southern India and pray that His fire will spread. God blessed our time and we look forward to returning soon to continue the ministry, as He leads us.

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The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor.
He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives
    and release from darkness for the prisoners,

Isaiah 61:1